12 мая 2012 г.

J.U.S.T. 2: The creative camping of Tauro Ragas, May 16-18

For three days, we will creatively camp the terrace around the site of the disused Tauro Ragas bar to explore possibilities for alternative practices and ideas of urbanization.The days are organized by the Critical Urbanism Laboratory at EHU in Vilnius in collaboration with Miodrag Kuc, a Berlin based activist and architect, and are open to all activists, creative practitioners and the wider public interested in democratic participation in contemporary processes of urbanization.

Programme of the event

The Laboratory of Critical Urbanism is a platform for the interdisciplinary research of urban spaces based at the European Humanities University, Vilnius. The laboratory aims to develop theoretical notions and activist strategies appropriate to the complexity of local spatial contexts. In particular, the laboratory uses the experiences of students migrating between Minsk and Vilnius as a foundation for exploring the diversity and specificity of spatial forms in the region. From the autumn, Critical Urbanism will start as an independent programme of Masters’ study at the European Humanities University.

Miodrag Kuč – is an interdisciplinary artist and urban theorist trained as an architect/urban planner in various cultural settings. His work explores the role of ephemeral structures in uncertain urban conditions and the spatial appropriations of marginal social groups. He is the founder of the studio ParaArtFormations.

ParaArtFormations (PUF) is Berlin-based studio moving at the intersection of urban studies, performative-planning, artistic interventions and micropolitics. Operating exclusively in indeterminate spaces, ParaArtFormations develop site-specific toolboxes that replace conventional planning instruments based on control. By changing the "software" of uncertain spaces, ParaArtFormations introduce socio-cultural values of location and empower local agents.

You can join the event and participate in:
· creating a micro-exposition concerning memories about Tauro ragas (16th May)
· recreating the Tauras sculpture, which was situated in front of the restaurant (16-17th May)
· developping Collective Critical (Deep) Map and sharing your expierences about Tauro Ragas and Vilnius modernism (18th May)

Tauro camping starts at 16th May 11:30 AM, Tauro Ragas (Vilnius, Jasinskio 2) terace.

Map of the event

Please contact us via arch@archfondas.lt.
If you have some questions : Aistė +37062026087, Indrė +37067506605


Sourse: Аrchfondas.lt

2 комментария:

  1. из-за плохой погоды активность, связанная с tauro ragas, рассредотачивается между tauro ragas и культ флюксом (http://www.kultflux.lt/). Культ флюкс - это вагончик на речке около моста короля Миндаугаса. Завтра ждем вас после 18.00 на коллективный обед, 1 minute academy, воркшоп по созданию музыки из овощей и концерт!

  2. Не забываем, что завтра в учебном корпусе ЕГУ в 11.20 Миодраг Куч читает лекцию "Emerging Critical Cartography: Activist Mapping and Collective Knowledge" в 010.
    В 17 возвращаем призрака tauro и отправляемся из культфлюкса в таурорагас. затем встречаемся в 19 снова в культфлюксе для воркшопа по критической картографии и около 20-21 круглого стола на тему "culture and co-optation of urban space"
    приходите и участвуйте!


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